Lucy and Daddy at Utah Lake, in a little chop

Tonight, Wendy took Roxie and Reagan to the store to get some school backpacks, etc.  So what were Lucy and I to do?  Well, we have a lake within 5 minutes of the house.  We’re outtahere.  We were only there for about 15 minutes, but we had a blast in the chop and she loved it.






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3 Responses to Lucy and Daddy at Utah Lake, in a little chop

  1. Chris Brown says:

    Where are you entering the water in Utah Lake?

    • Nathan Nelson says:

      That’s a good question…depending on my wife’s schedule, I could, today. Do you swim Utah Lake from time to time?

  2. Chris Brown says:

    I have not swam in open water ever but and the longest pool swim for me is a mile. But I live in Eagle Mountain and I would really like to swim in the lake I’m just not sure where the to the best place to enter is?

    I grew up surfing and have been in the ocean in fairly large waves so I think I could transition into open lake water pretty well. I just want to start slow and work myself into it.

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