Export MapMyFitness activities into Dailymile.com with RunGap


I’ve been working on a way to get all of my running logs into one place.

A little unnecessary history: I started off with CoolRunning, changed to RunningAhead, then moved to MapMyFitness when I started swimming and doing triathlons. Each one of the aforementioned websites were great, but I really wanted all of these logs in once place, for at-a-glance viewing.

After Googling everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) that had anything to do with running log conversion, I gave up. For a couple of years. But today, with new effort, I accidentally discovered something. To get MapMyFitness, MapMyRun, etc., into DailyRun, we need an iPhone app (if you don’t have an


iPhone, do you have a friend who doesn’t mind you mucking about on their iPhone and downloading a free app? Of course you do.)

Step 1: Download RunGap from the iTunes Store.

Step 2: Connect RunGap to MapMyFitness.

Step 3: Connect RunGap to DailyMile.

Step 4: On RunGap, from the “Activities” screen, click on the “…” in the upper, right-hand corner. Then select “Add or update All…”

Step 5: At this point, if I remember right, you have to give permission for RunGap to push your MapMyFitness activities into



That should do it. I now have all of my MapMyRun events up on the DailyMile website, including maps, etc.




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