Not one degree given

Last night, I piled my running clothes by the side of the bed.  I didn’t expect to go for a run, but I like to have them ready, just in case.

I was awoken by the cackling of kids across the street at the bus stop.  These kids do not have the ability to sense the decibels that escape their tiny, shreaky little mouths.  Anyway, if you kids are reading this:

You.  Are.  Annoying.

Anyway, I checked the temperature on my phone and Provo read 0 degrees.  I had no choice.  I put my clothes on, braced myself, then stepped outside.  I was immediately greeted by death.

I carefully started off, making sure I had good footing, running through the dark street of 2770 West.  For me, the rules change when it’s this time of year.  I’ll run on whatever side of the road is the safest, laws be danged.

When I reached the end of 2770, I knew it was going to be a special run.  Also a short one.  Today would not be my five mile day.  I decided on 2-3, mainly because I’m not interested in seeing my family spend my fortune, from above.

When I hit the 1.5 mile mark, which is where North Boat Harbor Drive runs into the Provo River Trail, I decided this was it.  I’d head home.

And then something happened.  I couldn’t tell what it was, but then I noticed my vision was slipping.  I was having a very hard time seeing what was in front of me.  I looked up and saw a layer of snow, I thought, on my hat.  So I pulled out my phone and took a selfie:  Frosted eyelashes.  I’m always looking for something new or weird to experience when running, swimming, etc.  Today was a first.

Enjoy the pics 🙂







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  1. Guy Randle says:

    I love the frosted eyelashes.

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