Running the Bonneville Shoreline Trail- Salem to Mapleton

Yesterday, Cameron Hargis and I drove to Mapleton, where I dropped off my truck.  Then we headed south to Salem, where I had finished my first 10 mile run on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, last Friday.

We got our gear together, then started off.

The first few miles were great.  Not too much to talk about.  Reasonable effort.  But we got warm and had to lose our hats and long sleeved hoodie (me) and jacket (him).

However, at mile 4, we lost the shelter of a ridge and all of a  sudden, there was a TON of wind coming from the Spanish Fork Canyon, where the local wind farm generates its electricity.  Very cold.  We stopped again and put our gloves and jackets back on.  Gale force (in my mind) winds pounded us as we ran for another two miles.

Outside of the wind farm, we finally settled into a decent pace and kept moving.

Miles 4 to 6 was just me trying to find out where the heck the BST picked up after crossing the railroad tracks and canal.  We ran for at least 2 miles, just looking for the trail.  That was a bit of a mistake on my part.

Miles 7 to 10 were just climbing.  At one point, I was hanging onto a fence to keep from dropping back down to the bottom of a massive hill.

Cameron was patient with me, as we moved along this route.  He ran hard and didn’t let himself get too far ahead as he waited for me.

This was a tough route and next week’s route looks to be just a brutal.

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