Running the Bonneville Shoreline Trail- Santaquin to Salem

Tonight, after work, Wendy and I drove in separate vehicles, down to Payson.  I dropped my truck off, 10 miles north of the beginning point of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail.  Then I hopped in her van and the whole family headed for the start of the trail.

Wendy warned me to be careful and I hopped out after bidding my family goodbye.

Within a few seconds, I started off (it’s best not to overthink this kind of stuff.)

After I hit the one mile mark on my watch, I noticed that this was going to be hard.  I also tried to remember to drink every once in a while from my Camel-bak.  It was a good move, because I really didn’t feel like drinking much of the time, but when I finished, I was parched.

I have to admit, I was worried, because I have a tendency to let my mind wander to things that frighten me.  For instance, I just knew that there was a mountain lion or cougar, just waiting for its appetite to heat up.  I felt very vulnerable in the dark, by myself, trudging along in the snow.

My newly acquired YakTrax were a wise investment.  There were many points where I know I would have slipped in only my Altras.  Having the ‘Trax on them really helped me to stay on the trail and not spend extra energy slipping around.

Fortunately, I was able to find my truck at the end of this.  I was grateful it was over, but it was a solid start to my quest to eventually cover all 280 miles of the BST.  If only more people knew about this amazing trail.

Edit 8 Feb 2014:  More thoughts from a Monday morning:

I’ve had some time to think about this run and wanted to add some detail:

-The last mile to 2 miles was in ankle-deep snow.  Very difficult to run; had to hike much of it, because my YaxTrax kept slipping off of the shoe toes.

-It got dark within a few miles of this run, so I ran most of it in the dark.  Fortunately the snow reflected enough city light to show the way.  However, I think I’d prefer to run during the day, especially since the snow is covering much of the path.



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