4 miles, slow, fast, hamstring

Started off with a slow 1/2 mile down my street.  As soon as I hit the PRT, I picked things up to an 0:8:00 pace, which I was able to keep for about a mile.  Then my calves just wore out and I had to walk.

Miles 2.5-3.5:  Run walk run walk, etc.  A little rough.

Miles 3.5-4:  Something funny happened here.  My calves relaxed and I picked.  Up.  The.  Pace.  Ran a 0:6:45 pace (somewhat comfortably, even) the rest of the way home.  Felt very strong and surprised myself.  I think that if I tried, I could run a 0:6:00 minute mile.

After the run:  No time to stretch or do my usual routine, since I had a meeting at 9 am, in SLC.  Sprinted through the shower, said goodbye to my family, drive to the station and was 10 minutes early for Frontrunner.  Stretched on the platform, while waiting, until I noticed that a guy was praying? facing east.  I stopped stretching, just in case someone thought I was praying east, also.

I’m 39 and apparently I care very much about what people think about me.

Encounters:  Saw Guy Randle, who looked very strong when we ran by each other.  Saw the girls with their dogs, down by the river, with some ducks.  A man with a baby stroller was gaining on me during this run, which was embarrassing.

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