A bad, bad 10 mile run on the PRT

The 28th of last month was the last time that I ran long.  10 miles on that day.  Yesterday I ran 10 miles, again, but suffered.

Miles 1-6.  Not bad.  Ran approx 0:8:30’s.  Was happy about that.
Miles 6-7 Noticed that my left hamstring and IT Band and were starting to hurt, just a bit.
Miles 7-10 Horrible.  Too hot.  Haven’t been drinking enough water.
Mile 10  Called Wendy for a pickup.  Haven’t quit a training run in quite a while.

This was a tough run for my confidence.  It told me that I didn’t drink enough and also that I can’t just take long Saturdays off and then expect to rebound.

Also my core strength is beginning to be more of an issue.  I haven’t done core since my scooter wreck on May 31st.  That is unacceptable.  I need this to be a part of my daily (3 days a week?) routine.  Otherwise I think that my IT Band and other important things will become an issue.

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