A nice, fast run with Ryan Wilson

This morning my intention was to run 3 miles, very slow.  Last night I signed up (spontaneously) for a 10k in Charleston, near Deer Creek, which is tomorrow.  So I didn’t want to waste my energy.

But within seconds of starting off (maybe even before I left my property) I saw Ryan Wilson, running south on 2770 West.  He was running at a comfortable pace, so I fell in after him.  I never really caught up to him, but I stayed close as we ran a 0:9:00 minute pace down the road.

When we turned west and headed toward the Provo River Trail, he picked up his pace.  Could he see me?  I had no idea.  I thought that surely he’d hear my heavy breathing and either go a different direction, or just take off and leave me in the dust.  He didn’t.  It turned out he had earphones in, so he was oblivious to my pace or anything else I was doing.

He picked up his pace to an 0:8:00 minute mile, so I followed suit.  But soon we were running a 0:7:30 pace, so I did my best to hang on.  Which I did.  Until I hit the mile and a half mark.  Relieved, I turned around and headed back, letting Ryan go and finish up a four mile run.

I made it back in 24:13, for an 0:8:03 pace.  Not bad, considering we started off at a 0:9:00 minute pace.  I walked over to the park and got a drink of water, then slowly ambled back toward my house, just in time to see Ryan finishing up.  He came over to me and asked me if I was the red shirt he saw out there.  I told him I was and that I’d been chasing him until my turnaround point.

We chatted and I found out that he’s racing in the Speedy Spaniard (he’s from Spanish Fork) tomorrow.  We chatted for a bit, shook hands and then we were off to start our individual Wednesdays.

This was a good run.  I clearly ran faster than normal (thanks, Ryan!), but feel good and energized.  We’ll see, tomorrow, if I went too fast, today.

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