I will never have to listen to The Pretender, by the Foo Fighters, again

There have been too many times that, while I’m in my truck, I have to listen to the Foo Fighters.

It usually happens when I make an outgoing phone call.  I’ll barely get someone on the other end of the line, when suddenly The Pretender starts playing.  Loudly.  The other end of the phone call can’t hear this, but when I’m using my truck’s Bluetooth, it blasts the other party’s voice, plus this one song, all at the same time.  It’s incredibly annoying.

My solution:  Remove the one song I have left in my iPhones Music app.  It didn’t show up in iTunes on my computer.  But it sure has heck couldn’t be removed from the phone, from the phone, if that makes sense.

Found an article online that suggested repurchasing the song, adding it to the phone, THEN removing it from iTunes and re-synching.

I did this.  Now, over a year later into my truck ownership, that stupid song is gone.  I used to thing it was a decent song.  Now I hate it.

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