Provo River Trail cleanup

Sometimes, as a scoutmaster, I have no idea how  to keep a group of 12-13 year old boys busy for an hour and a half.  Make them mow my lawn?  Drop them off at an arcade and wait outside?  Answer:  “Yes” and “yes”.

But yesterday afternoon, in a flash of brilliance, I realized that I had minions at my disposal.  So off we went to the Provo River Trail to pick up trash.  We walked from the Geneva/Center Street corner of the PRT, toward the lake (west).  We picked up all manner of junk.

My faith in humanity was destroyed as I saw cans, bottles, wrappers, a pair of pants (a pair of pants?).  Then it was restored as I watched my boys pick up this crap and haul it off of the trail.  They were happy to do it.  I didn’t hear one word of complaint.  These are good kids.

So now, when I go for a run tomorrow, there will be a one mile stretch of road that will be clean.

Next week we’ll see about two miles of clean trail.

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