A decent, not-bad run

I woke up at 6 am, realizing that my alarm’s 6:15 am would be a hard sell.  So I went back to sleep and decided that tonight or tomorrow seemed like a better time to run.

Then, at 6:45 am, I gave in, to habit, and started getting into my shorts and shoes.

Mile 1:  0:9:04:  The first few steps realized some pain in my right foot, on the inside.  Probably from the pokey rocks that went through my already worn and fading Altra Instinct 1.5’s.  But I plodded on, immediately deciding that today was a recovery day.

Mile 2:  0:8:33:  Recovery from what?  I did no long run this weekend.  I start to think about this and realized that I was feeding myself a line, so that I wouldn’t have to run too hard.  Once I called myself on it, I stepped it up.

Mile 3:  0:8:02:  Once I realized that I was running 8’s, I decided that I was comfortable.  I wasn’t panicking over the pace, or whether I’d have energy for later.  Things were running smoothly.

Mile 4:  0:7:26:  This is where it got interesting.  I decided to sort of go for broke and just open it up, see what the engine could do.  I noticed that I wasn’t doing my typical short, gaspy breaths (always breathing on my right foot’s drop).  I had smooth, deep breaths.  It occurred to me that food and nutrition were not the most important thing for fueling a run.  It’s oxygen.  So without exaggerating, I took in good, deep breaths.  By taking note of the trail, my watch and my energy, I realized that today might be the day to push a little harder on my last mile.

Mile 5:  0:7:03:  My moment of truth.  I try not to open my stride too much (left hamstring issue), but instead quicken my turnover.  My current pace on the Suunto shows that, no doubt, I’ve sped up.  Every time I look at my watch I’m around a 7 to 7:10 minute per mile pace.  Feeling good.  I know that I’m definitely in good shape for today’s run.  It occurs to me that, if I’d decided to not run, I would not be enjoying some of my fastest splits in a long time.

When the run is over, I wonder if I can get to where I can run 5 miles, in 7’s.  That would be great.  If I could do that…


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