A run to the moon and back


So…this is out there, on the BST.

This morning, I knew I needed to run some trail and get some hills.  So off to the BST I go.  I drove over to the Y trailhead and started off, nervous that this was going to really hurt.

Almost immediately, hills were happening.  Steep, steep hills.  Stuff that I just don’t deal with on a daily basis (also, yearly basis).  Which, I’ve decided, needs to change.  I didn’t attack the hill.  I just let it come to me, as I took small, patient steps, aware of my left hamstring.  I just don’t have hill legs, right now, so it’s smart to just respect the elevation gains and drops.

After about .75 miles, things settled down and it was more of rolling hills for a while.  It felt good, the changing of speed that comes on these types of trails.  I spent some time as I’d chug uphill, wondering how elites handle these hills.  Do they slow down or charge them?  I’ll have to ask around.


I brought these shoes out of retirement, when I realized I had bought the wrong size Lone Peak 1.5’s, a couple of weeks ago. Can’t wait to truly retire these poor things. They must have over 500 miles on them. Bonus: Awesome socks.

As I hit the halfway point turnaround, I noticed that I was thirsty.  On most five mile runs, I don’t need water until I get home.  But this run exerted much more from me and I actually felt like I could have gone for a drink.  Alas, no water on the BST, unless you bring it.

There was a point in the last mile of this run, where I actually stood at the top of that hill that I had to hike and wondered how to get down.  Should I walk down, slightly off the path, where there was vegetation that could give me a bit of traction in my already-worn-down Altra Instincts?  That didn’t seem right.  I thought about trying to just sort of skid down, hands out for balance.  I was definitely in the wrong shoes.  I finally decided to just try to run it out.  It’s a big lesson.  This is why people run hills, I’ve decided.  They are a blast, sort of unpredictable, and require a lot of concentration.  When my new Altra Lone Peak 1.5’s come in, next week, I’ll try this run again.

Aftermath:  Bruising of feet, from improper shoes, sore calves, sore everything.  Will be frequenting the trail, more often.

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