11 degrees of bliss

Location:  Provo River Trail
Miles:  1 mile warmup, 5 miles run with Ryan.
Time:  Started at 6:23 am
Pace:  0:8:58
Temp:  11 degrees
Weather:  Cold and clear
People I saw:  Ran with Ryan

Ryan and I started our run without Barry.  He felt that the idea was bollocks.  He wasn’t wrong.  But we ran, anyway.  The thing that made this run a little unique was how many ducks we saw.  They were all in the water, splashing around.  When we’d run by them, they’d make all kinds of noise, carrying on.

With my extra layering (added a balaclava, a tight shirt and another pair of tights) I felt considerably warmer than yesterday.  I have hope that I can come up with a combination of clothing that will suffice for those 0 or even less than 0 days.

It took me slightly less time to become completely warmed up (was warm by 9 am).

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