Back to the snow

Location:  Provo River Trail
Miles:  5
Time:  6:20 am
Pace:  0:8:50
Temp:  30 degrees F
Weather:  Overcast, cloudy, light snow/hail
People I saw:  One other guy
Pain/injuries:  Back was ok, some light/sharp knee pain, left hamstring was pretty sore

Notes:  For some reason, inclement weather isn’t hard for me to get out into.  It probably has something to do with me trying to prove something, but no one can prove it.

My first mile was sort of interesting, in that it was the first time in months that I felt snow falling and hitting my face.  Nothing much, but enough to remind me what season is boss, here.  The light snow gave way to light hail and some would inadvertently make it’s way into my mouth.  It was refreshing and memories of last year and what is to come went through my mind- It’s going to get colder and it’s going to get snowier.

I was pleased to see no other footprints in the light dusting that covered the Provo River Trail, this morning, until I realized that there actually was another set of prints, that I had overlooked.  And then it occurred to me that each snow day is race day for me.  I always try to determine, from the sets of footprints, what place I’ve come in, in terms of who got out onto the path first.  Today I came in second.

At around mile 2 I smelled a skunk very strongly and wondered what they do during the winter.  Not too much farther past this point, I ran by some cows that were resting, right by the fence on the side of the trail.  They have a huge field to occupy, but for some reason, they really like congregating in this spot in the winter.  They like watching the runners go by?

I experimented with my stride, because my left hamstring was irritating me.  Maybe because I hadn’t run in a while (because of some pretty severe back pain, after carrying some heavy boxes- another story) so it’s possible that the problem was just having taken too many days off.  But I’m sure that the truth is that, in actuality, I need to take many more days off to let this hamstring heal.  But that’s a tall order for a guy who’s about to turn 40 and wants to lose more weight.

All in all, it wasn’t a horrible run.  I kept a decent pace for how I felt and enjoyed the weather.  By the time I arrived home, the snow had stopped and the roads were slick.  I didn’t slip, but I had the impression that it would take much for me to go down hard on the road.

I’ll try to do more strengthening and see if I can rehab my hamstring.


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