Icy, back-breaky run

Notes:  Saw Michael, just entering the PRT from Lakeshore Drive and chatted or a bit.  He saw that I was wearing my new (last year’s ‘new’) Sharks beanie and asked about it.  Turns out he’s a big Sharks fan.  We discussed the last three games and how well we think Wilson is doing with the team (not great).  Felt bad, but I had to cut off our conversation so that I could catch my train.  Cool guy, that Michael.

On this run, there were a couple of comical slips on an icy road.  Even I chuckled.  But I wasn’t laughing on Slip Three.  My left foot lost it’s…footing (seems redundant) and in order to avoid anything that would integrate my skin with asphalt, I flung my right arm up, wildly (sort of funny, I guess) and stabilized.  But not before really messing with my back.  Somehow, this motion, which wouldn’t have done a thing in my twenties, aged me another three years in less than two seconds.  I run for my health.  *cough*

Not a bad run, anyway.  Slow, because of my chat with Michael, plus took some cool pics.

A cold light.

You can see the steam coming off of my back porch light. Cold.

Location:  North boat harbor drive to the lake
Miles:  5
Time:  6:33 am
Pace:  0:9:51 with all of the breaks/0:8:30 without
Temp:  A comfortable 25 degrees when I left
Weather:  Overcast, beautiful,
People I saw:  Michael, Angela and Nichole (way up the road)



Beautiful Utah Lake


For some reason, I find snow on these docks to be beautiful.


A vile, hateful buoy, which is still showing signs of life. Would like to see it destroyed. You know why.

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