The Bonneville Shoreline Trail, in the SLC

Today found me at work on a Saturday.  But I managed to get out for a couple of hours, to explore more of the trail that had me enamored last winter.  I have already run the stretch of the BST, from Spanish Fork, to Provo…but on the recommendation of a friend from work, I headed up to the Hogle Zoo, to see what some of the SLC BST could provide.  I was not disappointed.

Spent some time thinking about my sister, Lindsay, on this run.  She is such an inspiration to me and a great example of what hard work accomplishes.  I’ll never be as fast or as dedicated as she is, but having her around as an example helps me to focus on the smaller goals that I have in running.  Anyway…

There were some brutal hills involved in this run.  I think that if I were to concentrate on hills each week, I could get to where I can run this route without walking.  But that would be a huge accomplishment, because I had to walk.  A lot.

Location:  BST, from Hogle Zoo, to the Red Butte Creek
Miles:  6.5
Time:  2:45 pm
Running time:  1:28:03
Pace:  0:13:29
Temp:  32 at start, colder when I finished (sun was going down)
Weather:  Overcast and cold
People I saw:  Surprisingly, there were several runners and bikers on this trail.  I have a feeling these guys go strong through all four seasons.

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