The courage to stay in bed

Location:  Home, in bed
Miles:  0.0
Time:  Early-ish
Pace:  Had some salsa, last night
Temp:  75 degrees
Weather:  Dark
People I saw:  My wife and children
Pain/injuries:  Yes

For just about over a year, I’ve wanted to start resting.  The problem, though, is breaking bad habits.  For over a year, I’ve fallen into the trap of waking up early, dressing, and then going for a moderate run.

There have been signs that I need to start resting.  As I’ve been getting older (Have I mentioned that I’m almost 40?), my muscles don’t heal like they used to.  I have various, minor injuries that, without proper rest, will likely become larger problems if I don’t take the advice of doctors and friends, who I know mean well.

And it’s not just the morning run.  Sometimes at night, while I’m watching TV, I’ll launch into a vigorous core workout.

It started innocently enough.  I’d pretend to be watching Conan with my wife, but would throw in a few calf raises at commercial break.  Things deteriorated and now it’s gotten to where, I execute donkey kicks, scorpions, hip hikers and even modified side planks with leg lifts.  Sometimes this can go for upwards of an hour.

There are signs of improvement, though.  Even though I’d set my alarm last night to wake me up at 6 am (one of the many habits that will, if not guarded, turn you into a runner), I sat up in bed and hesitated.  I knew that if I put my feet over the side of the bed, I’d just fall back into the same routine and go for a run, putting my left hamstring at greater risk.

But something happened.  I slowly rocked backward, swinging my legs back over the bed and slipped under the warm covers.  I even slept a little.

At 7 am, when I got up to take my shower and get the day going, it felt good to know that I’d accomplished something important, which not a lot of obsessed runners do.  This morning I found the courage to stay in bed.

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