Ryan ties his shoes. Again.

Location:  Provo River Trail
Miles:  4.5
Time:  6:35 am
Pace:  0:9:08
Temp:  20 degrees
Weather:  Slightly cloudy on horizon
People I saw:  Ran with Ryan, saw a guy who refuses to wave- must fix this.
Pain/injuries:  Some left groin pain, which was getting better, but the progress is receding, again.

Notes:  Yesterday I carried some very heavy boxes, full of food for members of our church who are having a tough time, financially.  This was hard on me, as I don’t life, bro.  My back needs more planks and more core work.  That said, I was tired when we started this run.

I told Ryan, straight off, that I was not feeling fast, today.  He was affable and allowed me to drag us down to a 0:9:00 minute pace.  However, he did his part to slow us down, when he stopped to tie his shoe.  I can never tell if tying the shoe is a ploy to rest, or just a lack of knot experience.  Geez, Ryan.

Barry did not grace us with his presence, this morning.  I am willing to bet that we’ll get him out for another couple of cold runs, this winter, though.  It might take some doing, but we’ll do it.

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