Hail, snow, mud at Lambert Park

Location:  Lambert’s Park
Miles:  5
Time:  12:32 pm
Pace:  12:47
Temp:  50º
Weather:  Cloudy, snowy, hail
People I saw:  Just me
Pain/injuries:  Left knee weakness

Notes:  In the middle of my niece, Kaitlyn’s mission homecoming weekend, I took some time off to get a run in.  I try to bring my running bag wherever I go, just in case I can slip in a run.  So I asked my brother in law, Lynn, to drop me off at a trail he’d recommend, near Alpine, Utah.

He started talking about Lambert Park, which is sort of up against the mountain, east of Alpine.  He dropped me off and I let him know I’d give him a call when I wanted a pick up (I would have run back to his house, but was up against time constraints).  I started off at a slow pace, knowing that climbing the switchback I’d identified from the truck, would require a steady, slow pace for me.

As I climbed, snow fell.  Not a lot, but enough to be beautiful and interesting.


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