I’m being stalked! Wait, no. Yes?

Location:  Lakeshore, Center Street
Miles:  4.4
Time:  6:16 am
Pace:  0:8:43
Temp:  30 degrees F
Weather:  Foggy, cloudy, beautiful
People I saw:  One person before crossed Lakeshore bridge
Pain/injuries:  Left hamstring was painful until about a mile in…settled down.

Sometimes it’s hard to know when you’re being followed, about to be attacked from behind.  But today it almost happened.

It was a little chilly, but beautiful and foggy.  Before I left 2770 West, I could already see two lights at the airport, flashing, lighting against the fog.  For a while I thought that one was at the airport and one was down by the lake.  It’s a pretty big airport by my standards.

But as I was running down Lakeshore, toward the lake, I kept hearing footsteps behind me and, occasionally, breathing.  I’d look back to see if anyone was there, but it was so dark that it was just hard to tell.  So I’d keep running.  This happened about three separate times.  Really weird.  At one point I even thought I saw somebody behind me.  Once I went by the lake and started up Center, I couldn’t hear or see anything, anymore.

This is the excitement of running in the foggy dark.

The bummer about this run is that because I sort of did a larger loop, I had the sense that I’d run around 5.5 miles.  But when I stopped my Suunto and looked, when I got home, I realized that I was more than an hour off.  I’m not very good at “feeling” distance, apparently.


This pic is from about 45 minutes after I finished my run, but it was so pretty that it deserves honorable mention. One of these days I’m going to coincide my run with the sunrise.

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