Running the icy, muddy and dirty Shoreline with friends

Location:  Bonneville Shoreline Trail, starting at Squaw Peak Road
Miles:  5
Time:  1:02:55
Pace:  0:11:32
Temp:  40 degrees F (approx)
Weather:  Slightly overcast
People I saw:  Just my running companions
Pain/injuries:  Left hamstring was a little sore, but held together over some rough and fast terrain

I picked up Ryan and Barry at 8:30 am, yesterday.  We drove up, as far as we could toward Squaw Peak Road, but there was a gate that forced us to park.  We then started jogging, slowly up a pretty steep asphalt road, until we finally came upon the BST and headed east along a dirty, muddy, icy trail.  It was quite fun.

Our shoes were laden by a lot of mud, which we all seemed to notice and comment on.  It’s not too often your shoes go through weight fluctuations on a run.  But I suppose this is the life of trailrunners.  You take it, you deal with it.

At one point, the three of us tried to decide whether or not to cross a pipe and continue on (I know, I know).  Barry advised against it, then promptly crossed it.  Ryan and I toyed with the idea, but eventually gave in to thoughts of medical premiums and backed off.

There was probably a miscommunication as to how far we were going, because at some point, I was running by myself.  At 2.5 miles, I stopped and waited for the rest of my group, but they never arrived, so I turned around and went back to find them.

Once we were back together, we headed back through the mud and ice, slogging along the way.  At the asphalt road, we picked up the pace.  At some point, I thought it would be fun to see what a 0:4:00 minute pace felt like (downhill, of course), so I gave it everything I had, just to come up short at a 0:4:30 pace.  But it was probably the first time I’d ever run that fast.  I held it for about a minute or so.  It was…liberating?  Is this was it would have felt like, had I gotten into running as a kid?

Who knows.

In a way, though, every time I run on the Shoreline, I feel like a kid, again.  It really is a blast.  Much, much more fun that the streets, or paved trails.


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