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The Deer Creek open water marathon swim

Friday night found me gathering things in a panic, tossing unproven food into containers, and stressing about my first marathon swim. The Deer Creek Open Water Marathon was holding it’s 6th event, and I was registered. After making and remaking … Continue reading

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One of the most difficult 10K's I've done…

I left Provo at about 8:30 AM, in the middle of a little snowfall.  The roads were slick and icy.  I passed, in total, about 5 cars that had slid off the road.  So the drive up was a little … Continue reading

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Nathan is in no condition to run, but will run, anyway.

Did anyone catch that my post’s title would make a good Facebook status update? So tomorrow is the second race in the Winter Series races.  It’s a 10K.  In two weeks, the final race will be a 15K.  I’m sort … Continue reading

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Miles from perfection: My first run

In 2002, I was newly married and living in Springville, Utah.  My wife and I lived in an apartment with a No Pets clause.  We kept a cat hidden, inside, with complete disregard for following The Rules.  We were rebels.  … Continue reading

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