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Rear shocks

Bilstein shocks are nice. Add a leaf is what he did. All I need to do is replace the shocks. 3.5 inch 4-wheel parts in SLC: DirtLogic 258.99 each for non-reservoir

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Next step for removing a stubborn bolt from lower shock bushing:

Looks like I’ve tried just about everything to get the lower shock bolt out.  Tried a 5lb sledgehammer, jacking the truck off the wheel well to create space in the bushing (which is demolished), etc.  I’m down to cutting off … Continue reading

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Fixing the cable end on Wendy's Sienna

The other day, the battery finally died.  The girls (you know who you are) kept playing with the lights in the van.  We would sleep through the night, not knowing that the battery was draining.  We’d wake in the morning, … Continue reading

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Replaced the battery on my truck

Justin at Checker’s Auto in SLC (just North of OC Tanner on State Street) was kind enough to help me in cleaning battery terminals and cables and install a new battery.  I’m logging this so that I can keep track … Continue reading

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