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2012: Year of the forefoot stride?

Well, I just had an interesting run.  I took my usual route and headed for the Provo River Trail.  The only thing that I changed in this run was my stride.  Since I started running, about ten years ago, I’ve … Continue reading

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My first run on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail

This has been the year of appreciating what I have around me, here in Utah.  I spent a good portion of my time in Utah, wishing that I’d been living in California.  And then a few years, ago, I discovered … Continue reading

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Born to run- Christopher McDougall

This is the book that propels fools to start running barefoot.  I am no different of a reader. “Born to Run” takes us to a remote area in Mexico, where a group of people, the Tarahumara, who are untouched by modern … Continue reading

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4 mile run while sick

So for a few years, I’ve found it discouraging that I get sick several times a year.  It really messes up my training.  I’ve always had a policy of resting on days that I’m sick, but unfortunately, I can be … Continue reading

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Barefoot running

This afternoon, I ran 3 miles on the Provo River Trail. I ran the first 3 miles in 28 minutes. When I finished, I decided to cool down with a mile long run around the grass, across the street- barefoot. … Continue reading

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