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Finished “Moonwalking with Einstein”, by Joshua Foer

This was probably the most fascinating book I’ve read, this year.  Joshua Foer, a journalist, makes the transition from ordinary human to ordinary human with the ability to recall the sequence of a deck of cards, countless number orders, people’s … Continue reading

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Finished Where’s the Gift

This was a book that Brett, my friend and boss at OC tanner read and recommended. Great book, just finished it tonight.

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American on Purpose, by Craig Ferguson

I started watching Craig Ferguson, this year.  He is a quick-witted, Scottish-bred American.  Very funny and his comedy is a little skewed.  So I like watching his show. Craig released a book, this year, called “American on Purpose.”  I just … Continue reading

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The Code: The Unwritten Rules of Fighting and Retaliation in the NHL, by Ross Berstein

This book was pretty good in that, I really had no feel for what is happening on the ice when a fight breaks out, and, as the title implies, how retaliation works.  After finishing The Code, I think I have … Continue reading

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The War for Late Night, by Bill Carter

Today, I finished “The War for Late Night”, by Bill Carter.  In it, the history of The Tonight Show, along with its hosts and competitors, is chronicled.  An avid Conan fan, I read it, starting with a sure bias toward … Continue reading

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