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Facebook, where news comes FRST!

My last political post was wildly successful, in that, the reviews were very decisive.  [1.  “Don’t you have a job?” -Wanda, Oroville, Ca. “You seem to have no grasp, whatsover, on American politics.”  -Ed, Ogden, Ut. “We are still interested … Continue reading

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“Romney supporters are fools and Obama supporters are to blame”, or, “Why I miss the Original Philadelphia Deli”

Maybe I’d forgotten how bad Facebook can be around Electoral Season.  Or maybe things have gotten worse, this time around.  All I know is, this kind of stuff wasn’t nearly as prevalent at my Dad’s deli, in the 90’s- and … Continue reading

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Footfeed for the iPhone

I really like the concept of linking your Facebook, Twitter, and Latitude accounts, but for some reason, I get “Loading nearby places…” when I click on “Places”.  It never progresses past that point.  I put in a Get Satisfaction post … Continue reading

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An interesting article on sharing Picasa photos on Facebook


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Facebook annoyances

Just saw this on my Facebook: This is why I hate Facebook.  I wish there was a place to click “I couldn’t care less about what they said”.  I also wish there was an option to click “I’m calling your … Continue reading

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The world just became productive, once again.

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Getting sick of Facebook weirdness.

I got this “Friend” Invitation, today: Maybe somebody else would like to help this lonely man out?

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Facebook's "25 Things"

Facebook’s “25 Things” just hit the media.  Apparently, the author of this article feels that it’s  stupid and a waste of time.  I can’t say that I think that the 25 Things phenom is a waste of time, but I … Continue reading

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Fastest 5 miles in two years

Yesterday, amidst back pain and laziness, I ran 5 miles.  The first two miles hurt quite a bit, but I seemed to relax and fall into a rhythm.  It turned out to be my fastest 5 miles in two years, … Continue reading

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