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Three miles run; 2.5 miles walk; .5 mile sprint for the train

I’ve been playing a bit with continuing to run when I’m sick.  Not when I’m at my worst (pneumonia, for instance), mind you.  I’m not screwing around with 3-5 months of downtime.  But this whole allergy/cold/asthma thing that’s dogged me … Continue reading

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The Spudman Triathlon, or, “Why do people always punch me in my sleep?”

Patrick and I have always talked about the Spudman. Lynn has always talked about maybe/possibly/never doing a triathlon. So it seemed appropriate that the three of us traveled up to Burley, Idaho, together, to experience the Spudman. We arrived in … Continue reading

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Hooligans and angry old men

Tonight, after walking out of the movie “Limitless”, I noticed some younger guy drop his trash out onto the parking lot (I mean, he dropped it right in front of about 10 people- blatant.)  It burned me up.  I got … Continue reading

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Lunch with Lynn and Dan Hauser

Just got back from having lunch with Lynn and Dan Hauser (as stated) at Wingers.  During lunch, Dan received a call from Mike Lee (Utah Senator).  Lynn and I suggested Chamomile Tea Party, as opposed to the currently popular “Tea … Continue reading

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My first open water swim (Lake Havasu)

On Saturday morning, Lynn was nice enough to launch his boat into Lake Havasu so that I could have a mobile lifeguard as I made an attempt to swim across Lake Havasu from Arizona, to California (about .4 miles).  I … Continue reading

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Post Bidwell Classic ankle problems

I need to record my newest, yet not dibilitating injury for this blog.  About two hours after the Bidwell Classic, on Saturday, my right ankle started to hurt.  It got to the point that it hurt to walk at all.  … Continue reading

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Brave Sir Lynn

Lynn posted a picture of himself, before the surgery (he’s on Facebook with me, right now).  He has been having issues with his shoulder, and, as a result, needs surgery.  So he’s about 45 minutes out from the procedure and … Continue reading

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