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Outsourced my server hardware

For about a month, I’ve been really thinking about getting rid of the humming servers, cables, headache in my office. So, as of today, I’m turning it over to Amazon.  I’m using their EC2 service and seeing how that goes. … Continue reading

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Moved BloodyToe.com over to new host

Last night, I pulled all of my websites off of their host and over to a faster, larger-capacity box.  Things are moving along swimmingly, so I hope that visitors notice a little improvement in browsing speeds.

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Testing out some new themes

I noticed that there some things about my blog’s site that were confusing, so I’m going to experiment with some new designs.  Please, if you like or don’t like it, speak up.  Either comment directly through the website, or email … Continue reading

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Getting errors when uploading components to joomla

“Warning! – Failed to move file” and “Unable to find install package” Follow this howto:  http://www.scribd.com/doc/2300161/Joomla-v-1-5-Template-Installation-Troubleshooting-Manual?query2=Upload%20file%20&%20install%20isnot%20working%20in%20joomla

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Under Construction

As you may have noticed, there are some dead links on this site. It’s my fault. I’m working on making the site a little more functional. So with a little work on my part and a little patience on yours, … Continue reading

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