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Books on open water swimming that I need to read

Today I read an article by Scott Zornig, who is or was the president of the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association.  In this article, he hits on some points about open water swimming that sort of ring true.  His main beef … Continue reading

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Race Tri swim clinic at the Manila Creek Pond

I almost didn’t go to the Black Ridge Reservoir triathlon clinic, tonight, because I woke up from a nap and found the time was getting short.  When I couldn’t find my swimming jammers, I almost bagged it.  But then, realizing … Continue reading

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Swimmers: The “pedestrians” of open water

Esther Fujimoto was killed at Pineview Reservoir, almost a year ago, when boaters ran over her and fled, even after realizing she was seriously hurt.  A good samaritan paddled his canoe over to Ester and held her head above water … Continue reading

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Swimming the Great Salt Lake is nothing to sneeze at, but…

It finally happened.  After a year of flirting with the idea, I finally got into the Great Salt Lake to swim. This started over a year ago, when I started blogging about my swims in Utah Lake.  I came across … Continue reading

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