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The Deer Creek open water marathon swim

Friday night found me gathering things in a panic, tossing unproven food into containers, and stressing about my first marathon swim. The Deer Creek Open Water Marathon was holding it’s 6th event, and I was registered. After making and remaking … Continue reading

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The Spudman Triathlon, or, “Why do people always punch me in my sleep?”

Patrick and I have always talked about the Spudman. Lynn has always talked about maybe/possibly/never doing a triathlon. So it seemed appropriate that the three of us traveled up to Burley, Idaho, together, to experience the Spudman. We arrived in … Continue reading

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Long swim at Deer Creek

Patrick somehow convinced me that 5:30 in the morning is a great time to wake up on a Saturday, to drive up to Deer Creek and go for a long swim.  He is one of my better friends, but is … Continue reading

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PR’ing at the Provo City Marathon

For about five days, I’ve been in a state of…evacuation.  I don’t know how else to say it politely.  I’ve been relegated to soup and water, because nothing else holds (and truthfully, neither does soup and water.)  I’m sure I lost 6-7 … Continue reading

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Long(ish) run on the BST with Patrick Phillips, courtesy of Orson Smith Trail in Draper

  This morning, Patrick and I met and drove over to the Orson Smith Trail in Draper, which will take you, after a little hike, up to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. We opted to head north on the trail and … Continue reading

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Pwn3d by my dentist, who gains r00t (canal) access, Part II

Last night, in a hurry to prove that my blood pressure was just fine, I ran over to Rite-Aid to take the chair test.  You know, the blood pressure chair by the pharmacy, in the dark corner? I failed.  Over … Continue reading

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