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2014 St George Marathon- a report

Note:  This post is still evolving as I remember more details and add to the lists at the end. At 4:30 am, I woke up and started to move around, conscious of the fact that I didn’t feel incredibly tired. … Continue reading

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Patrick and Mom’s birthday

Well, last night, before I went to bed, I noticed that it was 1:30 AM, my time.  That meant that Patrick and Mom were 30 minutes into their birthday.  So I sent Pat a text, wishing him a happy birthday … Continue reading

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Big fans

Right now, Patrick and I are in a standoff.  We have been following the last Sacramento Kings game (vs the Filthy Lakers). Just finished the game.  Sacramento Kings pushed LA into OT, then lost.  It was a good fight.  Amazing … Continue reading

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David, fresh off the plane

David, who arrived at 1:58 PM (15 minutes ago) is back home in Chico.  Welcome home, David.  Wish I could be there. [mobile post]

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The last can

Well, the deal is on.  Tonight, I had my last Dr. Pepper (end date of this fast is TBD) and am now off of carbonation.  The purpose of this is to help me become a better runner (at least that’s … Continue reading

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