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Roxie’s talk on “I know that Jesus Christ Will Come Again”

Jesus Christ was born and lived on earth.  He performed miracles and loved everyone. Jesus was crucified.  His friends and followers missed him very much. But Jesus returned three days later and showed that he lived again.  His friends and … Continue reading

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Roxie’s talk on “Following the example of Jesus Christ by being baptized and receiving the Holy Ghost”

Wow, my heart is just racing. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Roxie Nelson. Today is my mom’s birthday.  Happy birthday, Mom.  I love you. When Jesus lived on Earth, He was baptized. He did … Continue reading

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Roxie's primary talk "I'm trying to be like Jesus"

Jesus healed the sick. He helped people who were sad. He helped others to be kinder. He performed miracles so that people would know that God loved them. Jesus forgave people that were hard to forgive. Jesus loved His Father.  … Continue reading

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Putting together Reagan's talk for primary

This morning, I sat down and did what my parents must have done, quite a few times for me, as a kid.  I wrote a primary talk. I used small words that even I could understand.  Reagan and I went … Continue reading

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"I know the scriptures are true"- Reagan's talk for today

Jared’s brother had a problem. He needed light in his boats. They were very dark. It’s hard to travel with no light. Jared’s brother had a lot of faith. He asked the Lord to touch some rocks. The Lord touched … Continue reading

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