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Swimming the Great Salt Lake is nothing to sneeze at, but…

It finally happened.  After a year of flirting with the idea, I finally got into the Great Salt Lake to swim. This started over a year ago, when I started blogging about my swims in Utah Lake.  I came across … Continue reading

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One World, Everybody Eats in SLC gets some love in the NY Times

I was browsing Google News, when I came across an article on a place in Missouri that is trying to incorporate a “pay what it’s worth” restaurant.  They’ve modeled the place off of One World, in Salt Lake.  Sort of … Continue reading

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Punch Drunk: (a post-lunch story)

When returning from our lunch at the Training Table, we (co-workers and friend) witnessed a short fight.  Apparently, the man who was beaten (and laying down in the pics) was drunk and bothering the assailant.  The drunk got up in … Continue reading

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