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A late night run on the Provo River Trail

  Last night I posted to Facebook, inviting anyone to go on a 4-5 mile run with me. No one took up the offer, so I thought I wouldn’t go. Instead I had a healthy (read: big) serving of Dryer’s … Continue reading

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Playing chicken with the 1/2 marathon

8 days ago, I had a pretty tricky run.  It was a mile-long jog…on a dirt road…that was more muddy, than dirty.  In fact, it was so muddy, that my shoes got heavier and heavier with each step (they were … Continue reading

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Still sick (wth?)

So since I’ve been keeping track of my illness, I’m impressed by two things:  1.  I’ve been able to run a few times, though some very tricky asthma problems.  2.  I have been sick for over two weeks.  This, however, … Continue reading

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