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Watching the girls sleep

Last night, while Wendy and I were watching television, I turned and asked her if she wanted to go with me into the girls’ bedrooms and watch them sleep.  She asked why, but I didn’t know.  Just sounded fun. So … Continue reading

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Should be able to sleep, tonight

It just occurred to me, now, that I feel a lot better than I did the other night, when my heart rate was at 86.  I jut took my pulse and now I’m at 68 BPM.  Much better.  I feel … Continue reading

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Twin sleepers

Can’t get these girls to go to sleep.  We have prayer, kiss them, shut the door:  The party begins.  They are laughing, playing, talking…for HOURS, sometimes.  We’ve tried asking, begging, yelling, spanking…that’s as far as we’ve gone.  Can’t go any … Continue reading

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