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Back to the snow

Location:  Provo River Trail Miles:  5 Time:  6:20 am Pace:  0:8:50 Temp:  30 degrees F Weather:  Overcast, cloudy, light snow/hail People I saw:  One other guy Pain/injuries:  Back was ok, some light/sharp knee pain, left hamstring was pretty sore Notes: … Continue reading

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Moving up the Provo River Trail, barefoot, with snow. Fun.

Today was not as fun as yesterday, running-wise. I probably should have taken a day off from yesterday’s run, because my shins were not completely ready. They were tired and a little sore. Almost positive tomorrow will be a bike … Continue reading

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My Sunday travails (before I forget)

On Sunday and due to technical difficulties, Wendy and I drove to church in separate cars (long story).  I ended up taking Roxie and Reagan.  It had iced over, the night before, so things were slick on the front stairs, … Continue reading

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People I'd like to fight

Tonight, I had run 4 and a half miles before the inevitable happened: A car drove close and honked at me. These people do it, all of the time. It was icy, dark, and cold. The conditions are dangerous enough … Continue reading

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Here we go again

Mobile Blogging from here. [Posted with iBlogger from my iPhone]

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Getting ready to leave for California…

Well, this will be my last coherent post for a while.  We’re going to be battling it out in the snow.  I have chains, new windshield wipers and fog remover to help me out.  So from now on, you’ll be … Continue reading

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'Last nights storm' review: 1/2 star

Last nights storm came in and left, leaving nothing on our grass or driveway.  It was touted as a the Must See storm of the year, a storm that could leave as much as 6 inches of snow on the … Continue reading

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SOS (Signs of Snow)

Well, today when Jason and I were commuting into SLC, Jason pointed out a dust of snow in the mountains.  I texted Patrick about this, this morning and he replied “Noooo”.  I think that means that I win.  So it’s … Continue reading

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First Snow Sighting:

Patrick just called me and reported that he can see a little snow up on Timp.? He just sent me a pic on my phone, but I can’t see what he says is snow.

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