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Race Tri swim clinic at the Manila Creek Pond

I almost didn’t go to the Black Ridge Reservoir triathlon clinic, tonight, because I woke up from a nap and found the time was getting short.  When I couldn’t find my swimming jammers, I almost bagged it.  But then, realizing … Continue reading

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2011 Saint George Triathlon

David and I drove to Sand Hollow Reservoir, yesterday morning.  I remember that last year I wasn’t on time and had to rush into the water with the second wave (even though I was supposed to start with the first … Continue reading

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Just signed up for my first full triathlon, or, "How stupid am I, really?"

After some cajoling and Jedi mind tricks, I convinced Wendy that the smartest, rightest thing to do this year, is for me to sign up for the Pumpkinman Full Triathlon.  With Wendy’s reluctant (but supportive) permission, I signed up.  So … Continue reading

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My first triathlon

Friday night, I went to bed, nervous and excited.  I woke up at about 6:40 AM and started to move my gear out to the van.  After Wendy got some things together for the girls (Roxie and Reagan), we drove … Continue reading

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12 hours until my first triathlon

I’m only 12 hours away from the gun going off and panicking.  Some questions are coming up as the time draws nigh, but as I get the answers (even if that means learning in the middle of the race), I’ll … Continue reading

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Estimating the Ironman…

I was just sitting here, trying to figure out an estimate for how long it should take to complete an Ironman triathlon, if I were in good shape.  I’m wondering if the following is accurate… 1.5 hour swim (for 2 … Continue reading

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Signed up for my first triathlon

Well, it’s official.  I’m registered for the St. George Triathlon sprint.  My buddy, Patrick, is going to do this, as well.

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