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The 2013 Utah Lake 10k (a report)

About three years ago, I came across this link, where a man named Davy Crockett (yes, I love the Kentucky Headhunters, too) documented his run across Utah Lake’s icy surface. I was fascinated by how fun it looked as he … Continue reading

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Lucy and Daddy at Utah Lake, in a little chop

Tonight, Wendy took Roxie and Reagan to the store to get some school backpacks, etc.  So what were Lucy and I to do?  Well, we have a lake within 5 minutes of the house.  We’re outtahere.  We were only there … Continue reading

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Five ducks on a rock witness me swimming very fast and are unimpressed

There was a rock-moss green trail, all the way across the jetty where I swam, tonight.  I almost didn’t want to go in.  But there I was, all dressed up with no where to go.  So I crawled into the … Continue reading

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There is someone else, besides me, who regularly swims Utah Lake?

I read an article about a man who swims in Utah Lake, yesterday.  The Daily Herald had a whole write-up on Gregory Mockett, who has the goal of swimming the English Channel.  But I was surprised to read that he … Continue reading

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Utah Lake on a Sunday night

Drove down to Utah Lake, tonight, once I saw the wind was picking up.  There is always beauty at this lake when the weather turns. When I’m at the lake, standing at the shore, I always imagine what it would … Continue reading

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One last swim before a very long Saturday swim

By the time I got to the lake tonight, I was sort of not in the mood for a swim.  There were a few things that I needed to do before I got in the water, so it was almost … Continue reading

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Grandma Moves on…

This afternoon, after a somewhat stressful day, I loaded my kayak onto the truck and visited Utah Lake. There were all kinds of wind-surfers, kite-boarders and…me. Only one and a half hours before, my Mom had called me and asked … Continue reading

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Flying fish, Lucy and new paddles

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Swimming the Great Salt Lake is nothing to sneeze at, but…

It finally happened.  After a year of flirting with the idea, I finally got into the Great Salt Lake to swim. This started over a year ago, when I started blogging about my swims in Utah Lake.  I came across … Continue reading

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Memorial Day around Utah Lake

We started the day at the Cracker Barrel, because Denny’s just didn’t seem to fit the Memorial Day occasion. After breakfast/lunch, we started on our journey. Today, we’d be exploring Utah Lake and driving the entire circumference of this 3rd … Continue reading

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